What are the main aspects of CNC machining in the future development
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Every processing method has its development. If its development is good, it is necessary to look at what kind of product it is, if it‘s good product, its development will certainly not bad, CNC precision parts processing is also The same, then what is the main development of CNC machining in the future?

1. Development of application software: Nowadays, the factory hopes that the higher the automation level of grinding processing, the better. Regardless of the size of the consumer batch, the key to the problem is to complete the flexibility. Luo Baihui, secretary general of the International Model Association, said that the work of the Association‘s Tool Committee in recent years has included efforts to establish a set of automatic loading and unloading systems for tools and grinding wheels to complete the grinding process without care or to minimize the guards. He stressed that the growing importance of software is due to the fact that the number of workers who have the ability to manually manipulate complex tools is decreasing. In addition, hand-made tools are also difficult to meet the requirements of modern machine tools for cutting speed and accuracy. Manual grinding reduces the quality and divergence of the cutting edge compared to CNC grinding. Since the tool is placed on the support piece during manual grinding, the grinding direction of the grinding wheel is directed to the cutting edge, which causes edge burrs. CNC grinding, on the other hand, does not require a support piece during work, and the grinding direction betrays the cutting edge without causing edge burrs.

2. Automation: When tool manufacturers consume new tools, they are highly efficient due to large batch sizes. But there is no such condition in the tool grinding factory, as long as it is automated to deal with efficiency issues. The tool grinder does not ask the machine to complete the unmanned operation, but expects an operator to guard multiple machines to control the cost.

3. High precision: Many manufacturers have reduced operating time as their primary goal, but others have put parts quality at the top of the list (such as high-precision tools and medical component manufacturers). With the improvement of grinding machine consumption technology, newly developed machine tools can guarantee very tight tolerances and extraordinary brightness.

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