The efforts we are making for precision metal parts
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As a girl who is running this website,it‘s important that if i have enough information about our metal stamping and cnc parts to share with you.
So Phoebe has spent many time in taking photos and video in our workshops,and learn more knowledge about our production processing.

As so long as i spent my time at Shenzhen Haohaichang Industrial Cp.,Ltd,i know clearly about how hard work every HHC team member is doing for our customers.

Let‘s take our general manager Jack as an example,he is a man with long-term vision and have made many strategic decision for production and sales department.
As a precision metal parts manufacturer since 2001,the orders we get from our customers become more and more big,and there‘s some order production arrangement should be made,and he decide to simpify the procedure about this,our salesperson only need to focus on making sure serving the customers well and the products sent is exactly what they want.And about the lead time and quality control,we‘ve got other departments in charge of this and every procedure of the production will be reported to our sales person,so that our customers can know how does this parts get going at any time.

And all the efforts we‘re making,we just just to make sure we‘re the best precision metal stamping and cnc parts manufacturer in the world,and whatever indusstries you‘re in,as long as you need the parts that can be manufactured by such processing,just send us your requirement,we‘re glad to customize for you.
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