Possibilities and convenience of precision metal parts processing
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The possibilities and convenience of precision metal parts processing

The emergence of some processing methods has greatly improved the role of our industry and all aspects. The performance of all aspects is also very good. The processing of precision parts is also the same, so the possibility and convenience of precision parts processing, The following is a detailed description of the small series of CNC precision parts processing.

It is mainly that the size data on the drawing of parts processing should match the programming convenience standard

The conditions for the geometric elements that make up the contour of the part should be sufficient

1. The dimensioning method on the part drawing should conform to the characteristics of CNC machining. On the precision part machining drawing, the size should be quoted with the same reference or the coordinate size should be directly given.

① This method of labeling is easy to program and easy to reconcile between dimensions. It brings a lot of convenience in adhering to the divergence of design basis, process reference, detection benchmark and programming origin setting.

②Because the part designer usually thinks about the application characteristics such as assembly in the dimensioning, he has to adopt the partial dispersion labeling method, which will bring many inconveniences to the process layout and numerical control processing.

③Since precision machining accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy are high, the application characteristics are not destroyed due to large accumulation errors. Therefore, the local dispersion labeling method can be changed to the same reference index size or directly to the coordinate size. The notation method.

2. Calculate the base point or node coordinates when programming manually. In automatic programming, precision part machining is defined by aborting all geometric elements that make up the part‘s outline. Therefore, when analyzing a part drawing, it is necessary to analyze whether the given conditions of the geometric elements are sufficient.

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