What do we perform on our annual party
Time: 2019-02-25 Reads: 4087 Edit: Admin
Hi,thanks for coming here and let‘s dig on what do we perform on our annual party!

First of all,it‘s the speech from our boss Yang and general manager Jack,they‘ve expressed their appreciation for the accomplishment of 2018,and encourange everyone to struggle for a more boomming new year 2019.

And then,its the show from our boss Yang,this show is very impressive and won deafening applause on site,guess what it is,ok,it is.....Tai Chi,which is a traditional sport in China,and it requires the performers to be quite deeply inside their heart while strengthing with great power.As time goes by,now people tend to like some mordern activities,and the traditional sport that requires quite mind like Tai Chi is going down especially in younster,so i think our boss Yang had chosen a great show for us!

And beside from Tai Chi,we‘ve also got some songs and dancing performance,every shows involved their work hard and love for this company,i think all of them are pretty awesome.

Among all of these shows,if you would like me to choose a best one,it‘s pretty hard to say,but i can tell you that some shows have actually light the platform and everyone shouted for them.

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