Metal stamping parts with 5mm thickness
Time: 2019-04-25 Reads: 3133 Edit: Admin

Just in last week,there‘s a new big "guy" joined in our stamping production line-a stamping machine with the blanking force of 160 tons.
Compared with other stamping machines,it can do progressive die and single stamping die,and with 160 blanking force,the thickness of stamping parts can be enlarged to 5mm.
So every salesperson is very excited about it,and we‘re very glad to share this good news to our customers.

As you see,this is the stamping parts we can produce with our high-speed stamping machines,and now with this 160 tons stamping machines,we can rpoduce bigger stamping parts with 5mm thickness,what‘s more,it‘s progressive die,and several moulds can be working at the same time,which means the lead time can be shorten.

When this machine is working with mould on it,we will update information for you.
Our stamping parts product range include terminal,shrapnel,flange,bracket,washer,rivet,eyelet,etc.And we also have 18 years‘ experience in manufacturing cnc machininig parts and lathe parts.
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