Huizhou Industrial Park of HHC is ready to be constructed
Time: 2019-03-18 Reads: 3982 Edit: Admin
It‘s been 18 years since HHC have manufacturing nonstandard precision metal parts,which have been widely used in automotive industry,medical equipment industry,temperature-control industry,etc.

In order to enlarge our production capacity,the establishment of our own industrial park in Huizhou is necessary,which 
covers the area of 1,3000㎡(total construction area is 2,6000㎡).

 As you know,it‘s not easy to get such things done,although we‘ve acquired the certificate of land,something unexpected wil always happen.But thanks god,now we‘ve proceed to the process of construction,and we believe all the things will get better.Anyway,with the increasement of our orders,another production lines in our another industrial park will definetely boom the business.

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