Here comes some details about our annual party
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On January,19th,2019,Shenzhen Haohaichang Industrial Co.,Ltd has held its annual party,which is very impressive for every people joinned in this party.

On this special occasion,we‘ve invited our VIP customers that have long cooperation with us,and every employees have come for a meal,of course,apart from enjoying the feasts,some of us have given impressive performance!

First,it‘s started with the speech from our big boss Yang and general manager Jack,they‘ve expressed their appreciation for everyone in HHC and anticipation with hope for the development of our company.

And then,it‘s lunch time,everyone is so happy to share their happiness and appreciation to each other,and our boss Yang and General manager Jack came to toast to each one with good luck.

We‘ve ate so much and then we enjoyed ourselves in the show from others,by the way,when it comes to some shows that‘s hot,we even shouted for expressing that we‘re proud of them and love the show.

If you would like to know how hot and special about our performance on our annual party,maybe you can see in next article.

What‘s more,in case you forgot,Shenzhen Haohaichang Industrial Co,Ltd is a company who manufacture precision metal stamping parts and cnc parts since 2001.
The metal parts we‘re supplying are terminal,shrapnel,rivet,eyelet,flange,bracket,washer,screw,bolts nut,studs,threaded rod,cnc machining aluminum spare parts and cnc spare parts,etc.

The metal parts accessories we can supply are very diverse,so you can see more of our products on or send us your requirement and drawings directly.
Waiting for your reply,many thanks in advance,and see you in next article~