Alibaba annual audit of HHC
Time: 2019-04-18 Reads: 3686 Edit: Admin

Since 2007,HHC has been running our store in Alibaba as Alibaba‘s assessment supplier.For our metal stamping parts and cnc machining parts,we can assure you of high-quality.

First,we have experienced engineers to study and design the mold to assure the precision of the metal parts,and in the picture above,it‘s our engineers who is studying the mould.
Then,our production machines are imported abroad,so we can provide stamping service and machining service with small tolerance for you with fast lead time.
What‘s more,we have inspection laborotory and IQC,IPQC,OQC and FQC,from the material imcoming and products packaging,every process is under strict quality control.
By the way,we accept audit by Alibaba every year,whatever it‘s our capacity,employees,quantity of production and inspection machines or any other things about HHC,all of them will be audited,and they will dispatch someone to take video in our factory to show the customers our production and quality control ability.In the picture above,it‘s on the day when they‘re taking that video.

For your better understanding in our metal parts,here are some pictures for your reference.

About the annual audit,we‘ve submitted many reports to Alibaba and once it‘s all been done,we will download the video for your reference as well.